Dan Dasilva Success Team Page
* Only Real Results, From REAL Students *
You Are Here For 1 Reason... You Want To Know If Dan Dasilva Is The Real Deal.
I won't beat around the bush. The community is VERY small and everyone talks and knows each other. When it comes to fake and real, I had to set a new standard. Rather then trying to defend myself when someone says they don't like me.... or someone calling me a scammer...

I've decided to make my own page. Calling it the #DanFam Success Team. These are students of mine - past and current that have submitted their results to me. They have given me credit... They actually go ahead and ALLOW me to use their screenshots.

Here's the thing. Getting on this page is pretty dang prestigious. Not just for me to brag about you but this is a 'Hall of Fame' for some people. Meaning to get here you MUST show you are making money. You HAVE results with my programs. You DO what I teach. Don't give me full credit because YOU need to take action to get to where you are so WELCOME to the Dan Fam Success Team Wall of Fame!
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